Term and Conditions


Responsibility for using the service:

Downloader states and acknowledges that he is fully responsible for each operation that is fulfilled by using the downloader’s username and access. This liability includes among others the legal responsibility related to the payable fees for the Services including the taxation liability as well. Our company can not and does not undertake any responsibility for any loss or damage that result from the fact that the Downloader did not comply with the provisions of this paragraph. Downloader acknowledges and accepts that the Downloader can not use the Services for and commercial purpose and states that he is aware of the local legislation regarding his country thus with the effective taxation regulations.

For the lawful usage of the downloaded content and paying the consideration or other charges incurred the only responsible is the Downloader while for making out the invoice or equivalent document for the paid consideration or other charges the responsible is the Up loader. In case of downloaded product the Up loader based on the written request of the Downloader shall make out and send invoice. The request for invoice can be done on the web page operated by the Service Provider on the place created for this purpose for which the operator immediately but not later than 24 hours will give the Up loaders’ electronic and other approved contact details to the Downloader.

Downloader commits himself that he will exclusively use the services and materials only based on the terms and conditions and applicable laws and regulations as well as based on the generally accepted practice or in-law of the applicable guidelines (including the regulations regarding the export of the software to or from the United States or other countries). Copyright abuse:

The Downloader based on the current General Terms and Conditions shall obtain limited and non-exclusive private usage rights according to the relevant legislation. Any recording or capability to be copied serves only the convenience of the Downloader and does not imply that the copyright owner of the rights (especially the Up loaders) would grant any right or give up any of their rights for the sake of the Downloader in connection to any product or any content, image or sound recordings, score, graphics or other copyrighted material.

No right, interest or title passes onto the Downloader by downloading, copying or as a result of any other activity. The Service provider or the copyright holders (Up loaders) is the sole owner of all rights concerning the products, and the Downloader has only a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, not further authorizing right concerning the private use of the Products.

The Downloader cannot copy, disclose, pass on, distribute, present, broadcast, reproduce or modify any Product, either in part or in whole, and cannot produce any re-makes from them, cannot sell them and cannot participate in its sale or exploitation of any kind, either directly or indirectly.

The Service Provider undertakes providing limited guarantee that the product shall be downloadable within five (5) days after the payment according to the general terms and conditions with the specified password and access. After the deadline he shall regard the download performed regardless whether the product actually has been downloaded or not. An exception of this is if the Downloader indicates in writing within five days of the payment the hindering cause of the download in which case the provider shall allow a repeated download.

The Service Provider also provides a limited guarantee for the product to be downloadable any time from its website. In case the download failed because of any technical reason in which the parties are not involved (especially if the software is defective or not operating) then Service Provider authorizes a re-download after Downloader indicated this reason, as long as the product is downloaded. This (limited) warranty is void if the download of the product is because of accidental failure, non-proper or non-regular use.